Quake 2

Quake 2

A classic Sci-Fi first-person shooter game
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id Software
Control a space marine engaged in battles with the race of warlike aliens. Complete multiple levels to get to the heart of their base and destroy it. Fight different types of enemies, collect and use a variety of weapons, find medkits, and unlock new content.

The second edition of the Quake saga presents a story completely detached from the medieval environment used in Quake 1. This time, the characters are submerged in a futuristic sci-fi environment, although the objective remains the same: kill everything you find in your way.

The game is made up of several chapters, which are in their turn divided into levels you can go through in the order you wish, but which are necessary to complete the missions. You will have to accomplish a set of missions, the instructions for which are given in a small console (press F1) together with the targets you are supposed to eliminate. You advance until you kill your last enemy, Makron, who is four times your size and carries a BFG.

In the game you will have ten guns, well designed and distributed. You will also have hand grenades and the classical quad-damage, anti-acid suit, invulnerability, that can be collected as objects so as to be used whenever you need them.

Finally, this wonderful suite of the Quake saga has a multi-player engine, delight of the Quake's fans.

Review summary


  • Improved graphics
  • Great missions


  • Very good video card required
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